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  • 24/7 Sales & Support
  • support@smsitonline.com
  • +94704438437

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why we no longer support dynamic sender ids?

Once you send a sms with a dynamic sender id (e.g. yourname) the end user is unable to reply back to the sender directly. In our past investigations this sometimes leads to irritate the end users heavily and destroy the sender's image very badly. Therefore our new 2 way messaging solution let the sender to send and receive sms(s) to act accordingly based on the end users feedback. This solution is only possible through numeric sender ids and this is why we no longer support dynamic sender ids.

We emphasize the following important message to our valued customers : "SMS messaging can be sometimes very irritating, don't ever destroy your company's image via sms messaging"

2. What is the character limit for a SMS text message?

The maximum number of characters for a sms message sent from SMSitonline gateway is 156 characters.

3. My messages are not received. What can cause this problem?

This could be due to the following errors.
001 - Invalid user name
002 - Invalid user password
003 - Invalid to number. It should be in 947XXXXXXXX format
004 - Invalid contact group name
005 - Insufficient credits, please purchase credits

4. How long will it takes to deliver a SMS Message?

The gateway is fully capable of sending multiple concurrent SMS messages per minuite for each account. How ever there may be restrictions from the recipients mobile networks when sending bulk messages. Gateway automatically detects those restrictions and adjust accordingly for each message, usually it takes around 0.5 to 3 seconds to send an SMS when sending bulk messages. But the actual delivery time may vary according to the recipient mobile network, recipients mobile network coverage, recipients SMS inbox capacity and the power on status of the recipients handset.

5. Is SMSitonline could be used for emergency messaging?

SMSitonline is not designed to be used at emergency situvations. Please find alternative options.

6. SMSitonline support customizations for business needs?

Yes. Kindly get in touch with us.

7. SMSitonline support short codes for the SMS sending address?

Currently No.

8. Will SMSitonline steal our customers and their numbers?

No we don't. We value ethics in our business.

9. SMSitonline plans to support international SMS in the future?

Yes we do.

10. Who runs SMSitonline?

We are a Sri Lankan company which tries to bring SMS messaging and alerting to a new era.

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